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Hotel Cabecinho

Bairrada, region of wine culture, gastronomy and other many surprises, it is situated between two important urban centres and Universities, Aveiro and Coimbra.

A land with diversity and striking contrast of landscape, from the vineyards, to the mountains, the rivers and the sea, and that complements the charms of towns and rural cores. Bairrada, a land of Surprises!

Besides the green spots that paint Bairrada and its many touristic attractions, our region has an ensemble of sports infrastructures, which invites to upkeep a healthy life style.

Thermal baths of Curia

The thermal baths of Curia are one of the oldest thermal stations of the country, characterized by a romantic atmosphere and framed by several buildings inspired by Art Nouveau and the Belle Époque, a park of lush trees and a lake.

Curia thermal waters are especially indicated in the treatment of metabolic-endocrine diseases (in particular gout), kidney stones, arterial hypertension, rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, with various forms of treatment being available in the baths (oral ingestion , immersion baths, various techniques of shower, whirlpool, swimming pool, humid heats, etc.).

Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, which has a stretch of 15 km in this municipality, is enriched by the wine and gastronomic tradition of the region. This has a great influence in the landscape, full of vineyards all along the way. The Camino passes 100 meters from the hotel.

Pilgrimages to Fátima

Anadia has been for almost a hundred years a main point of the pilgrimage from Oporto to Fatima. Often accompanying the Camino de Santiago in the opposite direction, the pilgrims to Fatima passing through Anadia can enjoy the gastronomy and landscapes of the region, marked by vineyards and wineries.

SANGALHOS - High Performance Center - CAR VELÓDROMO

The High Performance Center houses five sports modalities. Being the main Cycling, it includes Fencing, Judo, Gymnastics and Trampoline. The velodrome has a track, with a perimeter of 250 meters. It also includes an area that houses all the logistics, administrative, practice center, restaurant, conference room, gym and workshops.

In addition to the sports side, the structure is designed to be able to receive any type of spectacle, since the floor is removable. Here you can enjoy from musical concerts to circus, equestrian and congress shows. Here is also held annually the event "Meeting with Wine and Flavors of Bairrada", a wine and gastronomic show of the region.